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Do you remember the story of the great Greek scholar Archimedes? He was said to have exclaimed “Eureka!” as he stepped into his bath and discovered what we know today as the ‘Archimedes Principle’.

Of course, not all of us can claim such game-changing moments for humankind, but we are capable of reaching a moment of clarity, especially in relation to our work. Some call it ‘purpose’ or a ‘calling.’ Others view it simply as their motivation, as they work towards achieving career goals. Regardless, it is when we finally know what makes us ‘tick.’

I arrived at my own ‘eureka’ moment several years ago – though not on the same scale as Archimedes! It was a realisation that the reason I loved my job, which was as a legal search executive, was not a result of the buzz that comes from interacting with senior lawyers and business leaders across demanding industries, nor the joy (and frankly relief!) of fulfilling the most difficult brief.

No, as time rolled on, I recognised the deep satisfaction I got from my work came much more from the connection I had with my clients as I worked with them to introduce them to their ‘dream careers’.  I was inspired.

I realised that making the time to listen, to talk and guide my clients into legal careers, uniquely fit for them, brought out their professional ‘best.’ They would be energised and fulfilled in their work and it gave me great pleasure to be a small part of their success. This built solid and trusted professional relationships, which have continued to thrive over my long years in the legal industry and I feel privileged to have acquired such a rich understanding of individual and organisational needs.

My deeply personal and collaborative approach naturally began to expand beyond the basic brief, into that of career coach and sometimes mentor, which gave me an enormous sense of satisfaction and personal fulfillment and spurred me on.

I enjoyed witnessing the transformative power of mentor/coach – supporting clients’ to make ‘good’ choices and listening carefully to what they said. I asked appropriate questions and offered support and guidance based on what I heard. ‘Yes,’ I shared my market knowledge, but I was always listening out for what clients told me they needed. My sole focus was to guide them toward their own and not somebody’s else’s agenda.

When my clients began to transform their lives – sometimes changing jobs, sometimes moving countries, receiving promotions and growing in confidence I realised that whilst I really enjoyed legal search, I loved coaching. Further, I was pretty good at it! It was this skill and this coaching approach that I wanted to put at the centre of my business.

For many years, before I became a coach and established my own consultancy, I was a partner in a global legal search firm. I started out in the 1990’s and my expertise and specialism was focused exclusively on the in house legal sector. I loved my work and my legal clients. It was exciting and demanding – an incredible experience.

Industries, businesses, economic circumstances, plus legal recruitment & search practices have changed significantly over the years and I too moved with the times. The company I worked for was eventually sold, signalling ‘success’ in many ways, but as a former partner, it was a good time to move on.

After that I tried a few new things. First, I headed up the in house team for a smaller, national legal firm. Later I set up a boutique legal search company in London. Both focusing exclusively on legal search and under somebody else’s umbrella. Adrenaline fuelled and exciting in many ways, but neither was quite right for me. I decided to follow my own advice, to pursue my own ambition and do what I do best. I left to enrol with ‘The Coaching Academy’,’ Europe’s leading coaching institution and to train as an executive and personal development coach and start my own business – and founded RN Legal Search & Coach.

Now, my work is focused on my passion – working closely with clients to fulfil complex, high level legal search briefs. Complementary to that is a significant ‘new’ dimension to my business in the form of impactful coaching, furthering clients’ personal and professional development and fulfilment.

I am interested in what makes people and organisations ‘tick’ and always have been. Being so closely involved in my clients’ legal careers has shown me this. Sometimes we cannot see what is in front of us, however and need help to find the right path and this level of support can come, through coaching.

Since selling the partnership I’ve been fortunate enough to have my own inspirational coach. Investing in myself in this way and qualifying as a coach was the first step. Setting up my business naturally followed and I haven’t looked back since.

Realising my passion and supporting clients’ to realise theirs is what gets me out of bed and into work every day (or the bath, like Archimedes!) What about you?

If you would to share your ‘Eureka’ moment please contact Rachael at or call 07770 679 730.