Corporate Coaching for Leadership & Teams

Engagement. Encouragement. Performance.

Can you capitalise on what’s going well and do you know how to do more of the good stuff? Corporate coaching can help you make that happen. By increasing engagement you and your team can become more connected to those around you and work together to create positive environments that achieve better and more successful outcomes.

Built around your corporate goals, Rachael will create a coaching programme to focus on helping you to foster and encourage ways to fuel high performance, strengthen leadership and team behaviour plus increase overall employee fulfilment and enjoyment for growth.

Typical Coaching Topics:


Make your best career decisions. Coaching from vision to mapping out and implementing a career path that will empower you and your team to thrive.

Professional Development

Coaching that equips you and your team to identify and build the skills needed to better navigate all those critical moments.

Time Prioritisation

Coaching to improve patterns of behaviour so that you and your team can better manage your time with supportive systems and strategies in place, to accomplish your goals.


Learn to connect and create strong communication tools for you and your team. Rachael coaches toward a grounded communication approach that is equal parts clarity, empathy and honesty, leading to all round success.


Coaching for leaders and emerging leaders. Learn how to be crystal clear in your messaging. How to influence and shape direction. Recognise values, develop talent. Set out ‘best practice’ and lead by example.

Managing Difficult Conversations

Tough decisions are the lifeblood of performance improvement & problem solving for leaders. We tend to delay and avoid these. Instead, learn to understand behaviours; to engage in more effective communication; know when to give feedback & recognition and how to have successful and productive conversations at work.

Well Being & Confidence

Coaching for confidence to help create sustainable ways for you or your team to feel less stressed and more confident and balanced in our fast-paced world.


How Does It Work?


Schedule an initial consultation and follow up meeting


Teams (max 5) blended individual and group coaching 1.5hr sessions (total: 4.5 hrs 1:1 coaching per person & 3 hours group work)


Receive support. Interim check-in's; voice notes; journal; prompts and guided reading/resources.


Review, Evaluation and Aftercare.


*Rachael fits in with your schedule wherever you are in the world and is able to provide sessions across Zoom or in person, when possible. 

hear from our coaching clients

hear from our coaching clients

hear from our coaching clients

hear from our coaching clients

hear from our coaching clients

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