Coaching Services

Listen. Reflect. Grow.

We are all ‘experts’ on ourselves, but sometimes, it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. Even when people think they know what they want, they don’t always know how to get there. This is when they need a coach.

At its simplest level, coaching is the process of listening and reflecting back. The skill in equipping people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to fully develop – in work and life.

Growth and opportunity can be identified and should be developed at every level. We all need to start somewhere.

Rachael will work closely with you or your organisation – wherever you are on your career and/or life journey – to help you discover the best way to recognise and develop your talent, your unique skills to unlock and realise your potential.

Individual Coaching

Your coaching journey is unique. There is no right or wrong way, Rachael simply focuses on your best way to optimise performance and well being. Her coaching is present focused but also looks to the future and is packed with bespoke actions to help keep you on target and remain at your best at all times.

Corporate Coaching for Leadership & Teams

Can you capitalise on what’s going well and do you know how to do more of the good stuff? Corporate coaching can help you make that happen. By increasing engagement you and your team can become more connected to those around you and work together to create positive environments that achieve better and more successful outcomes.


Rachael hosts regular workshops for small groups to gather, learn and improve their potential and performance around a shared topic of interest. Designed to help motivate you to achieve your goals. These are stimulating and enjoyable ways to keep discovering your best way, in a group setting.

Career Guidance Coaching

Rachael’s deep industry knowledge and professional insight will help you to understand how to articulate and showcase what stands you out from the crowd, helping you to create the best opportunity to get the role and career you want.

Your First 90 Days

Each new career move leads to a change of organisation, a different manager, a load of new responsibilities and stakeholders that present you with fresh challenges and opportunities. Through constructive coaching across your first 90 days, Rachael will help you to clearly and objectively analyse how you can adapt your behaviour and actions for the most positive outcomes.

DISC Coaching

DISCover How to Communicate and Work Better with Others.

How would it be if you could learn to become a master communicator and understand friends, colleagues and family in minutes, rather than months? You can, through a DISC assessment.

hear from our coaching clients

hear from our coaching clients

hear from our coaching clients

hear from our coaching clients

hear from our coaching clients

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